WM 157cm B - Charlotte Muñeca sexual realista con copa B de pecho medio para hombres

Charlotte has super sexy red hair, you can see her kneeling in front of the bed, you can see her huge breasts. She is well-proportioned and dressed in a graceful tone, which makes her beautiful face even more beautiful. Her bronze skin is very attractive. These dolls are made of medical grade TPE silicone, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. At the same time, they also have high-end metal skeletons and flexible and strong joints. strong and sturdy. If you like this sexy doll, please try it!

Charlotte (Charlotte) is 157 cm tall, slender, curvy, well-proportioned, and medium-chested (B cup). Her complexion is tan and her lips are soft and sweet.

The 157cm B-cup is one of our most popular models and was chosen for its incredible physique, small size and easy-to-hold weight. It is very suitable for people who are new to dolls.

Tamaño e información

Marca: WM Dolls
Cuerpo: Copa WM 157cm B
Cabeza: 162
Altura: 157 cm (5 pies 2) - cabeza incluida
Peso: 28,6 kg (62 libras) - cabeza incluida
Busto: 68,5 cm (26,9 ")
Debajo del busto: 60 cm (23,6 ")
Cintura: 56,5 cm (22,2 ")
Cadera: 83 cm (32,6 ")
Circunferencia del muslo: 48 cm (18,9 ")
Longitud de la pierna: 83 cm (32,6 ")
Longitud del brazo: 60 cm (23,6 ")
Profundidad de la vagina: 17 cm (6,7 ")
Profundidad anal: 17 cm (6,7 ")
Profundidad oral: 13 cm (5,1 ")
Diámetro de la vagina: 1,5 cm (0,6 ")
Diámetro anal: 1,5 cm (0,6 ")

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