Drop shipping is a trading system whereby:
Sell products on your website or store;
Once a sale is made, you order from us;
We ship the product directly to your customer;

We handle the order and you keep the margin between your selling price and the online price shown on our website. In short: you sell, we ship! You can trust us to take care of everything.

No membership fee
Personalize product recommendation
5%-20% discount and bigger discount just for you
Free photo/description makes your business convenient
Download the pictures and descriptions of our products without the Banggood logo.

Customs and Tax Issues for Drop Shipping Orders
You are responsible for informing your customers of your country's import duty rule before placing orders.
We will do our best to help your customers to minimize the tax if you have special packing instructions or declaration.
It is impossible for us to know all import duties and other costs relevant to all countries.