Sex toys Maintenance

General recommendations on the care of sex toys:

1.How to clean sex toys vaginas.

Depending on whether or not your sex toys has a removable vagina, the cleaning exercise can be quick or time consuming. However, cleaning up your new girlfriend is the most effective maintenance tip. Once you are done with the sex toys, remove the vagina and clean it separately while using a clean cloth to wipe down the rest of the sex toys. For sex toys without removable vaginas, simply place them on clean towels and wash as a whole.

2.How to clean the toys's head and hair.

Remove the head and wig and clean them separately.
Use a clean, soft cloth to clean any accumulated dust or other dirt. Remember to follow the manufacturer's guide and avoid using excessive force when cleaning, please do so carefully.
Use warm water to gently rub the toys's face to avoid water contamination of the eyes.
Use special shampoo and conditioner to gently fix the hair of the sex toys.
Also, remember to use recommended cleaning agents and avoid cleaners that may irritate your skin or damage the material of your big sex toys.
Be sure to dry it completely after cleaning.

3.How to take care of your sex toys?

Caring for your sex toys means cleaning it regularly to maintain aesthetic appeal while taking steps to prevent damage and increase longevity. And while sex toys are lifetime investments meant to serve you for a long time, here are some of the tips to improve durability.

(1) Have a quality lubricant at your fingertips

Using lubricant with your sex toys not only improves longevity, but also reduces friction, thus preventing potential injuries. Lube also features the much-needed sloppy cover to enhance the experience and make it more realistic. When using your sex toys, make sure you have a specifically water-based lubricant, because it is latex and silicone friendly. This way you can enjoy the experience without degrading your new girlfriend's fabric or condom (if you choose to wear one).

(2) Inspect toys regularly for damage.

One of the easiest maintenance tips for your toys is to keep it out of harm's way. Also, make it a routine to check for damage during cleaning to make sure it's in good condition. Chipped and cracked sex toys can cause injury to yourself or harbor disease-causing organisms that can transmit infections during sex.

(3) Store the sex toys well.

One of the most important arrangements to make before buying a sex toys is to prepare the storage space for your new purchase. Depending on the size of your big sex toys and the level of discretion you want to maintain, arrange to have a cozy storage space. After using and cleaning your sex toys, be sure to store it in a cozy shelter, waiting for the next use. The storage space should always be clean, cool and dry to improve longevity.

When storing your toys, it is recommended to keep the arms and legs straight to avoid damaging the skin or skeleton.

You can wear makeup, just be careful when applying and removing makeup. Avoid oil based makeup or chemicals, only use water based makeup. Do not use make-up removers that may contain alcohol. Be careful with perfumes as some of them may have alcohol, spray the hidden parts of your wrist.

(4) Main conclusions to remember if you want your toys to last

We recommend using neutral soap and water to clean silicone and TPE toys. Do not use chemicals, alcohol or any other general purpose stain remover.
Keep your toys in a dry place and avoid excessive heat and humidity.
Some clothes may discolor or stain the skin. We recommend not pressing clothing against the toys's skin while in use.
Do not use sharp or hot utensils near your toys. Avoid razors, irons, etc.