Elegant sex doll

The three most popular dolls in the first quarter of 2020

enero 07, 2021


Asian Young Teen Sex Doll Quiet Student Suit Love Doll 170cm Qingta

 Sallie is a shy girl. She has an Asian face. Although she is still a student and wearing a school uniform, she is no stranger to sex, and she is even more skilled. If you ask her why she treats men and women She will be ashamed to tell you about this skill, but if you take her home, she will belong to you alone.

You can choose her hair accessories, hair color, eye color, even skin color, etc., after all, she also wants to dress up as you like, and then be carried into the house by you...

(Pure sex doll)


Sexy Curvy Real Doll Big High Busty Love Doll 170cm – Qingzi

Qingzi is a sex doll from Japan. She has the beauty of an Oriental woman. If you like an Asian girl, then you will love her completely!

Qingzi said: “I grew up in a bar in Yokohama, Japan. When she was 19 years old, she began to study in America. At first, she was not used to the local life, because there were always many people staring at her. She joined the violin club to blend in with school life. She likes playing the violin very much. When she performs in school, she always wins praise from students and teachers. She enjoyed the process.

If you want to see her play the violin, she will be pleased. Her amazing body and attitude define this fascinating love doll. With her flexible limbs, you can move her to wherever you want. You can give her a violent impact on the position you like. Don’t worry, she likes it when you do this to her. Only in this way can she be satisfied.

(Intellectual sex doll)


Ultra Realistic Sex Doll with Silicone Head – Blaire

As an oriental girl, she has an oriental delicate face and a proud chest. She often receives the favored eyes of others when she walks Every day she is refusing the invitations that others want to associate with, waiting for you to take her back home, you see her eyes seem to speak, seduce you constantly, You can choose her hair color and eye color, choose the style you like, let her only serve you, The specific personality, beautiful face and sexy figure made her take the first throne in the first quarter of 2020. Do you see her eyes looking forward to you? please take her home immediately and enjoy her!

(Elegant sex doll)



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