How to dispose of your sex doll

How to dispose of your sex doll

enero 06, 2021

It ’s common for people to be fond of the new and tired of the old, so you do n’t have to be ashamed. As a sex doll lover, this principle also works. Keeping an eye on the same face and the same body, you will inevitably feel bored and choose another sex doll that you like more So, how to properly handle a real doll that you are tired of and do not like? This is a good question, and it is worth answering comprehensively.

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Put her on sale online

The first method is to put her on the realistic sex doll's second-hand sales platform for sale. There may be special sections for selling sex dolls in various doll forums.

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 How can you successfully sell your sex doll?

 You can take pictures of your sex dolls and put them on the forum, waiting for people to come and buy, of course, you can get a sum of money, but not optimistic, usually second-hand sex dolls are not easy to sell, as for the reason ... You know, this is a very personal thing, so there is always something weird about having someone buy a second-hand doll online. Even after careful disinfection, buyers will inevitably have scruples in their hearts, so when selling, you can write "I have not used it many times" or "I have disinfected the sex doll very carefully and haven’t used her in a long time”.This will increase your chances of selling the doll, reduce the concerns of the buyer.

 Show and describe her strengths

 You can try to show the advantages of the doll, such as face, body, And describe her as carefully as possible, let the buyer quickly understand the advantages of the doll, and then contact you to place the order immediately.

The easiest way: throw it in the trash

The second method is to put it in a trash bin. Of course, this method does not need to be too elaborate. Go to the dump and let her be handled centrally, this is your last tenderness.

 Handle and pack her properly

 If you are not convenient to bring her to the dump, it is also possible to put it in the trash bin at the door of your house. But you have to pack your doll carefully, the best way is to dismember her, and put it in a black plastic bag,

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Or you can try to recycle her...

The third method is my most recommended method, which is to send your sex doll to websites for recycling.

Use one: used to make new dolls

 Currently, many websites selling sex dolls also have the option of recycling sex dolls. And most websites will provide you with postage, some sex dolls even will be evaluated and give you a recycling price. Because the materials for making sex dolls are limited, many platforms are willing to recycle realistic real dolls. They do cleaning and disinfection carefully, and then use the dissolved materials to make new real dolls, and putting it on their website to sell it.

 Use 2: Use to test better materials

 Otherwise, some websites are not used to recycle materials but are used to do material testing of real dolls. Through the synthesis of materials, the factory tested materials with a more suitable ratio and then made more flexible real dolls. Although your sex dolls are abandoned, they are still a very useful resource for those who make sex dolls.

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 The last thing I want to remind you is that no matter which method you choose if you want to protect your privacy, you must be rigorous and careful in choosing the transportation method and packaging. If your colleague happens to see your real doll abandoned at the door, You may feel a little embarrassed ... It seems that it is not a very simple thing to want to completely disconnect from your real doll, so you should make a good decision and give your old lover a suitable place to go.

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