How can dolls make our lives better

How can dolls make our lives better

enero 06, 2021


 Nowadays, many otakus have a sex doll of their own. With the development of high technology, the craftsmanship of dolls has become more and more exquisite and the sex dolls have become more and more realistic, but did you know that sex dolls have many functions?

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 Sex dolls can meet personal sexual needs

 Everyone will have normal sexual needs, which is a part of our daily life, not a shameful thing, and the harm caused by long-term masturbation may also have a spiritual level because sex does not only affect organs but also us If your vision and brain only act on organs for a long time, your understanding of sex may become more and more deformed. When you are really exposed to sex, people will not have a sex life because they cannot receive stimulation from the brain and vision. The problem of harmony, so the real doll not only satisfies the sexual needs, but also resists some mental sexual diseases, making it easier for the person playing with the real doll to get the comprehensive sexual satisfaction of sight, hearing, brain, and organs, thereby relaxing the ground more For everyday life.

 Real dolls can improve a couple's relationship

 I have seen such a post on the sex doll forum. The post said that a girl has been pregnant for several months, and she cannot have sex during pregnancy, but this pregnant woman particularly distressed her partner, distressed his sexual needs. Satisfied, but also worried that the man was derailed during this period, so the pregnant woman chose to buy a sex doll for her husband on the Internet, hoping to help him solve this problem, it is really a good solution, now a family Still harmonious. Of course, we can't predict what will happen to this wife if he doesn't buy the real doll, but what is certain is that the real doll does make them care more about each other, and the real doll plays a role in it.

 Dolls can solve some social problems

 Dolls can also solve some of the social problems. In the United States, a large proportion of rapists are very scarce and aliens. They don’t even have the opportunity to speak with aliens. Over time, their needs are not met. Unable to control himself, he chose such an extreme behavior of hurting others to satisfy his desires.

Of course, we must condemn this kind of behavior, which must be wrong. However, we can provide real dolls to them through the cause of this case, and we can certainly solve part of this matter, that is to say, solve some social problems.

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 Other aspects: what sex dolls can do

 The first three are all about sex, and the doll is very realistic. She can not only work on sex, but she can also do a lot of work that normal people can do, like a doll-like someone. Played an obscure, non-speaking role in the production and shooting, because the doll is very realistic now, and it is difficult to recognize the doll under the camera. Simulated dolls can also be used as models of clothing in online stores. They have a good face and a good figure. The clothes they put on will have a good effect.

More than that, some people who buy sex dolls are not for sexual intercourse. They are just to dress the dolls beautifully and they can be satisfied with the heart, just like a Barbie doll, but she is more realistic than Barbie dolls. The doll dressing feels more intense.


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