Dolls brothel in Barcelona

Dolls brothel in Barcelona

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You must have heard of brothels, but have you heard of doll brothels? Barcelona, a city full of dreams and passion. In Spain, a company has opened an inflatable doll sex hotel based on local special customs.

Big breast sex doll

The name of this brothel is "lumidoll", located in the center of Barcelona, it is said that this is the first sex doll brothel in Europe. Dating with dolls here will cost 80 euros an hour. According to the official website of lumidoll, each doll here is unique, and the body proportion and posture style is different. Moreover, these inflatable dolls have flexible limbs, which can satisfy guests to play with at will. Each room is also equipped with music, candlelight and other romantic facilities, and even erotic movie palace guests to watch.

In addition, the company also announced that every doll is completely disinfected before being provided to guests. In addition, the company is also equipped with condoms and other safety equipment in the room. In order to prevent guests from contracting unknown bacteria.

all kinds of sex dolls

After each use, it is recommended that customers use their own condoms and lubricants. There are four different models of dolls to choose from: blonde and plump Katy; Lesa, a curly-haired African doll; Lily Asia, and AKI, Japanese anime characters. According to the company's website data, most of the date here will be about the whole night, or couples will come here to date together.

After selecting the young lady, you can contact the staff, they will put on the clothes of your choice for the young lady, and set up the room. During the service, guests must wear condoms.

After each service, the lady will be sterilized. Some people asked, will anyone really go? The answer is, yes, guests generally think that "this service is hygienic and clean, and it will not have felt with the young lady and affect the family life"

(How to make sex dolls)

The manager of this brothel is currently said intelligent AI was being developed and would be used in the dolls. It is believed that in the near future, the intelligent AI doll will be coming out...

However, as soon as this momentum started, the situation could not stop. The popularity of this store since its opening has far exceeded people's imagination. Therefore, under the influence of this store, some other European regions, such as Dublin in Ireland and Vienna in Austria have successively opened some inflatable doll brothels.

(About brothel dolls)

Later, there were even more guests looking for inflatable dolls than real-life porn service practitioners, and the supply and demand were seriously unbalanced, so the boss had to introduce a second inflatable doll to meet customer needs.

So, what do you think about “doll brothel”?

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